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Three Horses

Accrediting bodies

Not an exhaustive list

Equine-Assisted Services (EAS) is a growing specialty practice. There are various access points and professionals must adhere to their professionals ethics and standards as well as those of the EAS credentialing bodies. This list is not exhaustive and will be updated as new organizations appear.

PATH Intl logo
Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH, Intl)

Equine Assisted Growth
and Learning Association (EAGALA)

Eagala logo
VSW Logo

Veterinary Social Work (VSW)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville  Veterinary Social Work Certificate Program

Aviva Vincent, PhD

Horses and Humans
Research Foundation (HHRF)

Pebbles Turbeville, PhD

HAI Logo
Human Animal Interaction (HAI)

A subcommittee of the American Psychological Association

Lori Kogan, PhD

The Federation of Horses in Education and Therapy (HETI)

HETI’s mission is to facilitate the worldwide collaboration between organizations and individuals whose objectives are philanthropic, scientific and educational in the field of equine assisted activities and therapies.

HETI logo
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