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2: EASW 101




1 week

Your Instructor

Dana Spett

Dana is a social worker, lifelong equestrian, and mother of three. Dana founded the non-profit community center Pony Power Therapies in 2000, and is pursuing a DSW from Rutgers University with a particular research interest in building a practice model for Equine Assisted Social Work (EASW).

Dana Spett
About the Course

Discover the power of Equine-Assisted Social Work (EASW) beginning with this introductory course. The introduction breaks down the components of EASW and compares them with theories and equine assisted services to find the perfect intersection. As a result, you will be able to leverage the advantages of EASW as a complementary or alternative modality to traditional social work practice. Join today and unleash the transformative potential of EASW! Additional courses are coming soon.


- Students will be able to define Equine-Assisted Social Work (EASW).

- Given the established structure of ethical social work practice and theory, the student (emerging or experienced social worker), will examine the intersection of equine-assisted services and social work practice.

- The student will begin to integrate the foundational elements needed to build a practice around Equine-Assisted Social Work (EASW)

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